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lorraine, 15. my soul is non-existent cause one direction happened. i love louis tomlinson more than i love breathing. forever shipping of the ship that ships itself.

"Live fast, have fun, and be a bit mischievous." --Louis Tomlinson

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i bet none of you really care but…

sorry for just putting stuff on queue these past few days and just being a boring blog overall

im going to be busy this whole week because my younger brother has summer lessons and i have to accompany him because both of my parents are at work.

soo yeah that should explain all the queued posts.. sorry again :/ i’ll try and get back to posting next week

i love having a partner in crime.

i love having a partner in crime.

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the fans have been really cool over here so it'd be nice to kind of have that intimate environment with them and kind of just.. do our thing 

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Louis Tomlinson; Your beauty is incredibly offensive

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